[Webinar] Business Sustainability: Survival Strategies

Business sustainability has been the core of many conversations and talks held by the business community at large since we stepped into the lockdown period 500 days ago. Several economic stimulus packages were introduced to help businesses, especially SMEs, MSMEs as we weather through the storm. Specifically, the COVID-19 Act was enforced in October 2020 to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic. On this note, the relief for contracting parties for certain contracts has been extended several times until 31 December 2021. Are these measures sufficient to ease the burdens of the business communities? What happens after the relief in the COVID-19 Act ends on 31 December 2021?
In this session, Gan Khong Aik, Lee Xin Div and Eri Fu Swee Theeng share the possible survival strategies that are available for businesses, over and above the relief provided in the COVID-19 Act. We will be looking at corporate rescue mechanisms and the effect of such mechanisms on business continuity in these challenging times.