[Webinar] Beyond NRP – Managing Tenancy & Other Incidental Issues

Our partner, Tan Min Lee, and associate, Lee Hui Juan, will address the pain points faced by landlords and tenants during this turbulent time at the webinar “Beyond NRP – Managing Tenancy & Other Incidental Issues” :

    • What is the relief provided under the Covid-19 Act and its recent developments?
    • How does a tenant tap on the relief provided under Covid-19 Act?
    • How does a landlord/lessor address outstanding rentals?
    • What are the factors to be considered prior to termination of tenancy/lease?
    • Can a landlord/lessor resort to force entry and/or disconnecting utility supplies against a delinquent tenant to obtain vacant possession?
      #6 Is a landlord/lessor entitled to double rental in the event the tenant/lessee holds over/overstay?

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