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COVID-19 Act – Helps or hurts?

Introduction The Temporary Measures for Reducing the Impact of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Act 2020 (“COVID-19 Act”) came into force in Malaysia on 23 October 2020. Too little, too late? This has been said. In its long title, the COVID-19 Act says it intends to reduce the impact of COVID-19. The first COVID-19 measure was implemented…

Digitization Accelerated – Perspectives from the Judiciary, Intellectual Property Office, and Practitioners

  Our partners, Foo Joon Liang and Bahari Yeow will join Justice Dato’ Mary Lim, Iylia Hashim, Annette Magnusson and Kevin Nash to speak on  digitization accelerated by the unprecedented global pandemic. The discussion points include: Digitizing Justice – degree of acceptance and implementation by the Bench; How digitization of Justice has impacted access to and…

COVID-19 Act: Impact on Leases and Tenancy Agreements of Non-residential Immovable Property

These FAQs focus on the impacts of two Parts of the COVID-19 Act – the ‘Inability to Perform Contractual Obligation’ and the ‘Modification made to Distress Act 1951’ – concerning leases and tenancy agreements of non-residential immovable properties.