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Competing claims in curial and arbitral proceedings: recent anti-arbitration injunction developments

Are the Malaysian courts adopting a minimalist judicial intervention approach in considering anti-arbitration injunctions? This article discusses the recent Federal Court decision of Jaya Sudhir a/l Jayaram v Nautical Supreme Sdn Bhd and two recent high court decisions that made reference thereto.

Can management corporations stop parcel owners from operating Airbnbs?

Introduction The emerging practice of the sharing economy, often known as the peer-to-peer economy, is well known. Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms are some examples of the disruptive sharing economy innovations for the hospitality industry. This has garnered the interest of property owners in listing their residential units with these platforms for short-term rental….

Digitization Accelerated – Perspectives from the Judiciary, Intellectual Property Office, and Practitioners

  Our partners, Foo Joon Liang and Bahari Yeow will join Justice Dato’ Mary Lim, Iylia Hashim, Annette Magnusson and Kevin Nash to speak on  digitization accelerated by the unprecedented global pandemic. The discussion points include: Digitizing Justice – degree of acceptance and implementation by the Bench; How digitization of Justice has impacted access to and…